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Kunshan Huaqiao Water Supply Co., Ltd. visited Quanquan Valve for inspection
On March 9th, the leaders of Kunshan Huaqiao Water Supply Co., Ltd. came to —— Fujian Quanpai Valve Technology Co., Ltd. to inspect and research, and in-depth understanding of our products, floor space, supporting facilities, development planning and so on. The leaders of our company accompanied the whole process and expressed warm welcome to the leaders who came to the company to guide the work.
[Good News] Quanpai Valve won the honorary certificate of "High-tech Enterprise"
Recently, Fujian Quanpai Valve Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Quan Brand Valve”) passed the audit of Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Fujian Provincial Department of Finance, and State Administration of Taxation Fujian Provincial Taxation Bureau, and won the “High-tech Enterprise”. certificate. This marks the official entry of Quanpai Valve into the ranks of high-tech enterprises.
Quanpai Technology won the famous product of Fuzhou | Leading the new valve model
In recent years, Fuzhou has vigorously implemented the strategy of brand-based enterprise, encourages enterprises to create their own brands, supports and guides the brand to become bigger and stronge
Deeply plowing the valve industry, Quanpai Technology is a guest of "China New Third Board"
Recently, Liang Yaodong, Chairman of Fujian Quanpai Valve Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 872820), and Sun Wei, Senior Manager of the Open Source Securities Investment Banking Department, co-presented the "China New Third Board" column, on the development of Quanpai Technology in recent years.
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