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Corporate videos are released, new year and new weather!

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Corporate videos are released, new year and new weather!

The impact sample processing center system is an integrated special processing machine with multi-process link and multi-station conversion operation. It uses a combination of high-speed milling and slot milling, and adopts visual measurement and motion control technology of the processing process to design a unique robot. The fixture and the positioning mechanism use the robot to realize the programmatic transmission of the workpiece in several tooling. Complete a one-time automatic machining process from standard specification blanks to qualified impact specimens. The size, shape and position and surface roughness of the finished product impact test specimens meet the requirements of GB/T229-1994 "Metal Charpy Notched Impact Test Method". The surface of the impact sample that is required to be processed is clean, leaving no burrs, chips, oil, etc. The machining center has the characteristics of high efficiency, high degree of automation, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The entire process can be completed by one person operation and management.
The system integrates machine, electricity, light, hydraulic and computer software and hardware technology to realize the full automation and visualization technology of the whole processing technology and process control. The software compiled by this system can avoid the compensation of the tool wear amount, V-groove molding. Milling procedures are used to improve the machining accuracy of the notch. The system adopts computer management and control, and uses the graphical interface of man-machine dialogue to realize system parameter setting, workpiece size, shape and position accuracy detection and result storage and display, and has a notched shape and angle graphic display function. The system has the test piece. Automatic numbering function (3 digits or letters). The system is designed with reliable alarm devices to perform lighting and audible alarms for various abnormal phenomena such as overruns, and automatically stops the program.