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Our company is included in the provincial equipment supplier

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Our company is included in the provincial equipment supplier

Governmentengineeringconstructionproject Thesecondbatchofequipmentsupplier    AccordingtotheFujianProvincialDevelopmentandReformCommission,theProvincialEconomicandTradeCommission,theProvincialDepartme
Government engineering construction project
The second batch of equipment supplier
      According to the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance, and the Provincial Construction Department's Opinions on Regulating the Procurement Activities of Equipment and Materials for Engineering Construction Projects (闽发改改政策2009331), the relevant units will be recommended and expert review will determine Fuzhou High School. Pressure Instrument Valve Co., Ltd., Fujian High and Medium Pressure Valve Technology Co., Ltd. Quan brand valve series is the second batch of A control equipment materials supplier for government engineering construction projects.