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The development of China's valve standards: the exploration of new processes and new standards

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The development of China's valve standards: the exploration of new processes and new standards

1.Promotethedevelopmentofnewtechnologiesandprocesses Strengthenthelinksbetweenstandardsandscientificresearch,especiallythestudyofmajornationalscienceandtechnologyprojects,guidekeyenterpriseswithscient
1. Promote the development of new technologies and processes
Strengthen the links between standards and scientific research, especially the study of major national science and technology projects, guide key enterprises with scientific research and advanced technology, transform the results of independent innovation into standards, and promote the development of new technologies and new processes.
The National Valve Standardization Committee is currently developing the national standard "Pneumatic Intelligent Electric Device". The valve intelligent electric device is a new type of product developed at the beginning of this century in foreign countries. China has mastered this technology through introduction and research and development, and it is developing very fast. Yangzhou Electric Power Construction, Tianjin Ertong, Wenzhou Rotork, Changzhou Power Station auxiliary machines, etc. can all be produced, and the product quality is also quite good. The formulation of the high-tech "valve intelligent electric device" standard has a great effect on promoting the development of the industry and blocking or reducing imported products.
Converting a batch of new products and new technologies into standards reduces costs, improves efficiency, optimizes product functions, and enables new products and technologies to be quickly recognized by the market and promotes industrial progress.
2. Develop standards for energy conservation, new consumption, and other materials to promote industrial restructuring
China's natural resources are limited, so the development of standards for energy conservation, water conservation, and material conservation is one of the development directions of valve standards. Accelerate the elimination of products with low efficiency and high energy consumption, adjust the industrial structure, and promote the development, promotion and application of new technologies and new products.
In terms of material saving, the valve focuses on researching new materials and replacing metal materials with new materials to save steel and precious metals.
The new ceramic valve uses the new ceramic material to make the sealing parts and the wearing parts of the valve, which improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing of the valve product, and greatly prolongs the service life of the valve.
The raw materials for manufacturing ceramics are wide and the cost is low. The ordinary materials such as aluminum, carbon and silicon can be used to manufacture ceramic materials with superior performance, which can save a lot of metal materials and rare mineral resources. Ceramic valves are used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrial fields. They are resistant to wear and sealing, and can minimize leakage, which will play an active role in promoting environmental protection. Following the development of technology, the Valve Standardization Committee has formulated the "Ceramic Sealing Valve" (JB/T10925-2005) standard to accelerate the promotion of ceramic sealing technology and promote the development of ceramic sealing materials.
In terms of reducing energy consumption, we will vigorously develop valve products with small flow resistance and low loss. In terms of power saving, the focus is on the electric device of the valve, and the energy consumption of the electric device is controlled by selecting a low-energy low-noise motor and improving the structure of the electric device.
3. Actively participate in international standard activities to accelerate the transformation of international standards for valves
The world has entered a period of economic globalization, and the inevitable trend of economic globalization is the standardization of internationalization. Through the research on the correlation between ISO standards and China's valve standards, we have a general understanding of the standard of valve standards in China, determine the direction of adoption, and increase the intensity of mining standards. At the same time, strive for substantive participation in international standardization, integrate Chinese standards into international standards, and strive for the right to speak and dominance of international standards. Due to historical reasons and regional reasons, the current ISO/TC153 'valve' has formed a pattern dominated by Europe and the United States. Therefore, the National Valve Standardization Committee actively participated in and hosted the International Standards Conference on the one hand; on the other hand, actively sent experts from China to join the International Organization's Standards Committee 'TC', Subcommittee 'SC' and Standard Working Group' WC', take the voting on the draft international standard seriously, and provide the favorable provisions of our country to the ISO/TC153 secretariat so that our international standards can reflect our reasonable requirements.
4. Improve the safety of valve products and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.
Many valves are used on pressure pipes and safety is of paramount importance. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine promulgated the "Special Equipment Safety Technical Specifications". Valves are used as a type of pressure piping components and are also included in special equipment. There are two main reasons for the safety accidents caused by valve products. First, the products do not meet the requirements of the standard, such as the wall thickness requirements of the casing, the inspection requirements for the weld joints, the material requirements, etc. Another reason is the installation and use. improper. The National Valve Standardization Committee has always attached importance to the safety requirements in the product standards. These requirements have been cited in the "Special Equipment Safety Technical Specifications" and become mandatory requirements to maximize the safety of equipment and personnel. In recent years, the Valve Standardization Committee has applied for the formulation of the "Specifications for the Minimum Wall Thickness Dimensions of Valve Housings" and "General Requirements for the Installation, Maintenance and Maintenance of Industrial Valves". The safety requirements in the valve product standard and the revision of the valve safety standard will be a focus of future work.