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Pneumatic worm-type ball valve QPQ621F

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Pneumatic worm-type ball valve QPQ621F

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The pneumatic worm-type ball valve consists of a ball valve and a worm actuator. The ball valve is a floating structure, an elastic sealing ring, and the actuator adopts a novel worm-type rotary actua
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The pneumatic worm-type ball valve consists of a ball valve and a worm actuator. The ball valve is a floating structure, an elastic sealing ring, and the actuator adopts a novel worm-type rotary actuator, which has the characteristics of reasonable structure, small volume, light weight, reliable sealing, fast switching speed, long service life and high reliability. It has won the third prize of Fujian Science and Technology, the second prize of Fuzhou Science and Technology, and the outstanding new products of Fujian Province, and has been included in the national key new product development project. It can be widely used in the transportation control of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, textile, semiconductor, military and other departments. It can cut off and open various gases, liquids and materials, and can be used for safe remote venting and safety in various production processes. Lock control, etc.
Structural features
The floating ball valve structure of the pneumatic worm-type ball valve (see Figure 1) is mainly composed of valve body, joint, ball, valve stem, sealing valve seat, packing, etc. The valve seat adopts elastic structure, which makes the sealing more reliable and longer life.



                 Figure 1 Pneumatic worm-type ball valve structure                             Figure 2 Actuator diagram


The actuator adopts a worm-type pneumatic actuator (see Fig. 2), which has the characteristics of large output, small volume, fast switching speed and long service life. When combined with the ball valve, the whole machine appears light in weight, small in size, and the actuator is made up of cylinders and cleaning plugs. , shaft, arm, fixed pin, connecting sleeve, "O" ring and other major components.
working principle
The actuator and the ball valve are connected through the connecting sleeve. When the air source signal is input into the actuator air chamber, a certain thrust is generated on the piston, and the piston reciprocates into a rotary motion through the spiral groove of the piston and the integral rotating shaft and the rotating arm. The rotation of the valve stem is driven by the coupling sleeve to rotate the ball and change the base area of the flow surface of the ball valve to achieve the purpose of controlling the medium.
The main technical parameters

Main material


Dimensions (Q621F-6.4 series)



Dimensions (Q641F-6.4 series)


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