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QPF745X diaphragm type remote control float valve

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QPF745X diaphragm type remote control float valve

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Structure and use

The F45 Diaphragm Remote Control Float Valve is a hydraulically operated valve with multiple functions. It is mainly installed at the inlet of the pool or elevated water. When the w
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Structure and use
The F45 Diaphragm Remote Control Float Valve is a hydraulically operated valve with multiple functions. It is mainly installed at the inlet of the pool or elevated water. When the water level reaches the set height, the main valve is controlled by the float guide valve to close the water inlet to stop the water supply; when the water level drops, the main valve is controlled by the float guide valve to open the water inlet. Fill the pool with water to achieve automatic water replenishment. The liquid level control is precise and free from water pressure interference; the diaphragm type remote control float ball valve can be installed at any position according to the height of the pool and the use space, maintenance, debugging, convenient inspection, reliable sealing and long service life. Diaphragm valves have reliable performance, high strength and smooth operation for pipes up to 450 caliber.
structure diagram
Installation diagram
Main dimensions
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