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Pneumatic four-way program control valve is a multi-functional automatic control valve. It consists of two-position four-way ball valve and pneumatic actuator. The ball valve is a fixed stru
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Pneumatic four-way program control valve is a multi-functional automatic control valve. It consists of two-position four-way ball valve and pneumatic actuator. The ball valve is a fixed structure, elastic and self-tightening sealing ring, and has high temperature compensation function. The actuator adopts a novel gear and rack-type double-piston pneumatic actuator. The whole machine has novel structure, small size, light weight, reliable sealing, long service life and simple operation. It can be widely used in the process pipelines of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, textile, medicine, military and other departments to change the flow direction of liquid.
Structural characteristics and working principle
The two-way four-way ball valve structure of pneumatic four-way program control valve (see Figure 1) is mainly composed of valve body, joint, four-way ball, valve stem, sealing ring, packing, butterfly spring, etc. The sealing valve seat adopts special high temperature resistance. The material is processed to automatically adjust the shape of the elastic sealing seat when the temperature rises, thus making the sealing more reliable.
The actuator adopts a rack-and-pinion type double-piston pneumatic actuator, which is mainly composed of a cylinder, a piston, a pinion, a cylinder head, a piston seal ring and an adjusting bolt. It has the characteristics of small volume, large torque, precise rotation angle and long service life. It combines with the two-position four-way ball valve to make the overall appearance more beautiful.
The ball of the two-position four-way ball valve has two sets of channels that are not connected to each other (see Figure 3). The ball rotates with the center of the valve body as the axis to change the flow path of the two groups of fluids, and the fluid switches from one direction to the other.
Main Specifications
Main material
Body temperature - pressure rating
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