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QPY type filter

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QPY type filter

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Nut: carbon steel
Plug head: galvanized fittings, beautiful and non-corrosive
Gasket: rubber, graphite gasket, good performance, long life
Filter: SS304 perforated net, screen can be
Body: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel
Bolts and nuts: galvanized bolts, beautiful and non-corrosive


Wire braid type

The mesh of the wire braided filter can be regular or irregular. A good mesh needs support.
This design is mainly used on high-pressure, high-flow large Y-type filters. Unsupported screens can only be used on low pressure filters.



Pierce type

Hole size range: 0.20" to 1/2"
Thickness: The standard range of filter materials is 22 to 11 depending on the size of the hole.
The special thickness of the hole can also be, the metal perforation should be greater than 1/2 of the thickness of the metal. Perforated mesh is easy to clean and less prone to blockage than wire mesh
Filter selection
When selecting a filter, it is important to consider the size of the perforated mesh or mesh aperture. The filter is required to provide the maximum size of the pores through which the solids can pass. The above picture will help you choose the right filter. The pore size of the mesh needs to be determined by the size of the solids allowed, usually between 2/3 and 1/2 of the solids. In order to obtain maximum strength, the 304 stainless steel perforated mesh is clicked along the gap. In order to meet the requirements of special media, stainless steel perforated mesh or mesh apertures can be made in different sizes. If no media is indicated, it will be supplied as a filter with the media being water.
Filter cleaning
The residual material remaining in the dissolver can be removed by the plug of the Y-type filter. If there is a drain valve connected to the filter. It is also possible to open the drain valve to achieve the same effect as above. It is also possible to remove the residue by moving the bonnet or the like into the filter. Care should be taken when cleaning. After removing the filter, it needs to be cleaned by soaking or brushing. Do not leave the residue for too long. Because this is not easy to clear. It is recommended to clean the filter regularly to prevent blockage.
Working principle and use
PY type filtration is an indispensable device for piping systems that transport media. It is usually installed at the inlet end of pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water valve or other equipment to remove impurities from the medium to protect the normal use of valves and equipment. The filter has the characteristics of compact structure, low resistance and convenient sewage discharge. Suitable media can be water, oil, and gas. The general water network is 18-30 mesh/cm2. The ventilation net is 40-100 mesh/cm 2 and the oil-passing net is 100-480 mesh/cm 2 . The filter can be made according to user requirements.
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Main dimensions

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