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QPFKPQ42 composite exhaust valve

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QPFKPQ42 composite exhaust valve

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Principle of action

1. If you consider the maximum inspiratory volume. Generally, when the negative pressure inside the pipe is generated and exceeds 5 psi (0.03 MPa), it is possible to break the pip
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Principle of action
1. If you consider the maximum inspiratory volume. Generally, when the negative pressure inside the pipe is generated and exceeds 5 psi (0.03 MPa), it is possible to break the pipe. At this time, the maximum suction amount calculated by 1a or 1b and the reference point of 5 psi can be used as a reference point in the performance curve chart. Get the appropriate QPFKPQ42X caliber.
2. Compared with 2 and 3 items, the larger diameter is the caliber we need.
3. If the pipeline is broken due to the negative pressure generation, the following table can be used to select the appropriate QPFKPQ42X diameter, and the water flow rate in the pipe is between 1.2-2.4m/sec. The QPFKPQ42X caliber can also be selected using the following table.



QPFKPQ42 composite exhaust valve shape, flange connection size table



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