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QPSCAR sewage compound exhaust valve

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QPSCAR sewage compound exhaust valve

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Structural features and uses

The valve is used in the source water conveying pipeline to remove a large amount of air in the pipeline to improve the efficiency of the water pipe and the water pump. W
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Structural features and uses
The valve is used in the source water conveying pipeline to remove a large amount of air in the pipeline to improve the efficiency of the water pipe and the water pump. When a negative pressure occurs in the pipe, the valve can quickly take in air to avoid the pipeline being damaged by the negative pressure. .
The sewage composite exhaust valve slightly changes the structure of the clean water composite exhaust valve, that is, the valve body is lengthened and the lever mechanism is slightly modified. In this way, the final control part is lowered, so that the dirt is only in the lower part of the valve body, and the various parts of the upper exhaust part are not wound, and the exhaust gas is not affected, and no water leakage is caused.
Main part material
The main technical parameters
Main dimensions
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