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QPZKPQ42X series fast discharge (suction) valve

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QPZKPQ42X series fast discharge (suction) valve

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The company QPZKPQ42X series fast row (suction) air valve, is a new product in the 1990s, is the first in China, exclusive production, with a ball valve into one. Sealed with a spicy valve.
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The company QPZKPQ42X series fast row (suction) air valve, is a new product in the 1990s, is the first in China, exclusive production, with a ball valve into one. Sealed with a spicy valve. In order to avoid water leakage throughout the line
This product is mainly used for the discharge of gas in the pipeline on the pipeline of tap water and water diversion works.
1. It can remove gas from pipes, reduce drag and save energy.
2. When the pipeline is under negative pressure, the product can quickly and automatically take in air to prevent the pipeline from rupturing.
3. Exhaust capacity is many times that of ordinary two-hole exhaust valve
4. This product has a quick exhaust valve integrated into the ball valve. When installing, there is no need to install a protection valve at the bottom, saving manpower and material resources.
5. The float stainless steel has a long service life and is safe and reliable.
Technical Parameters
1. Medium: clear water
2. Medium temperature: normal temperature
3. Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa
4. Floating ball tight needle pressure: 0.05-1.0MPa
5. Body material: gray cast iron HT200
6. Floating ball phase: stainless steel
7. Flange connection standard: CB/T17241.6-98
8. Pressure test standard: Q/YEC01-2003
Quick row (suction) valve shape, flange connection size table
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