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QPJ841X series electromagnetic liquid (gas) diaphragm diaphragm mud valve, also known as: diaphragm stop valve

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QPJ841X series electromagnetic liquid (gas) diaphragm diaphragm mud valve, also known as: diaphragm stop valve

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1. The pipeline for the medium and the liquid is used as a shut-off device, especially for frequent starting.

2. For all types of purification equipment and pools for sludge discharge and sewage
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1. The pipeline for the medium and the liquid is used as a shut-off device, especially for frequent starting.
2. For all types of purification equipment and pools for sludge discharge and sewage disposal.
working principle
This product consists of three parts: electromagnetic reversing valve, diaphragm type pressure chamber and main valve body. The driving pressure source is supplied by the external pressure greater than 0.2MPa of the pipeline itself. It only needs to be energized or de-energized to the electromagnetic reversing valve. Change the liquid into the upper and lower chambers of the diaphragm. Thereby driving the valve plate to rise or fall, the main valve body is turned on and off.
Technical Parameters
Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa
Applicable temperature: normal temperature
Drive medium: water, gas, oil (specify when ordering)
Drive pressure = actual pipe pressure +0.2MPa
Solenoid valve coil voltage: DC24V
Valve body, valve cover, pressure chamber, valve plate material: HT200, QT400-15
Flange connection standard: GB/T17241.6-98
Pressure test standard: QB/T13927-92
QPJ841X series: electromagnetic liquid, pneumatic diaphragm mud valve (also known as diaphragm stop valve) shape, flange connection size table
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