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QPJMZ45X (RVBX) anti-theft soft seal gate valve

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QPJMZ45X (RVBX) anti-theft soft seal gate valve

Summary information
It must be unlocked with the special key encryption code of the anti-theft magnetic pole code configured by our company. It is difficult to imitate the tool with the same shape. The whole gate is cove
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Structural features and uses
It must be unlocked with the special key encryption code of the anti-theft magnetic pole code configured by our company. It is difficult to imitate the tool with the same shape. The whole gate is covered with rubber, the seal is reliable, there is no groove at the bottom of the valve, the flow resistance is small, and it is difficult to accumulate debris. . The valve has a special upper sealing structure with three “O” seals to prevent leakage. Electrostatic spraying of non-toxic epoxy resin inside and outside the valve. The gate is fully covered with rubber to completely avoid secondary pollution.
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Main dimensions
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