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QPD371X anti-condensation aluminum alloy die-cast butterfly valve

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QPD371X anti-condensation aluminum alloy die-cast butterfly valve

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Suitable for air conditioning. Industrial water treatment equipment with strong anti-condensation function. Aluminum alloy die-casting valve body to prevent rust.

The Spring Valve Series Butterfly Va
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Design Features
Suitable for air conditioning. Industrial water treatment equipment with strong anti-condensation function. Aluminum alloy die-casting valve body to prevent rust.
The Spring Valve Series Butterfly Valves play an outstanding role in preventing condensation. A unique multi-level asymptotic contact seat developed using years of accumulated technology and experience. And a combination of other technologies
The spring brand butterfly valves are replacing other valves in more and more fields, featuring simple construction and long service life.
Excellent long-lasting sealing performance
The unique multi-level progressive contact seat design of the spring brand allows the valve plate to gradually contact the valve seat during the closing process, ensuring good sealing performance and reducing unnecessary torque, thereby prolonging the service life of the valve seat.
The torque reduction enables the lightness and miniaturization of the drive unit.
The unique valve stem sealing ring prevents fluid leakage. The valve seat of different materials adapts to different working conditions and has good anti-corrosion sealing performance. The ultra-light aluminum alloy valve body has small torque and is easy to install and install to prevent rust.
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