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QPXD371X wafer type fire signal butterfly valve

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QPXD371X wafer type fire signal butterfly valve

Summary information
The clip-type fire signal butterfly valve is a butterfly valve connected to the signal head. The signal head is an electric switch box, a built-in activation switch, a cam, a wiring board, a cable inl
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Use and characteristics
The clip-type fire signal butterfly valve is a butterfly valve connected to the signal head. The signal head is an electric switch box, a built-in activation switch, a cam, a wiring board, a cable inlet and a structural member, etc. on the basis of the manual device of the valve; Each has an activation switch, which can provide an electrical signal when the valve is "closed" or "on" in place; the electrical switch box is fully sealed and has no sealing ring at the joint of the housing, so it can be used outdoors and can be used for opening Or shutting down the medium in the fluid world is also one of the supporting accessories of the fire sprinkler system, and can also be used as a monitoring valve in the front of the water flow control.
The main technical parameters
Nominal pressure: (MPa): 1.6
Test pressure: (Mpa): housing (2.4), sealed (1.76)
Applicable temperature: (°C): 0-80 °C
Applicable medium: water
Main part material


Main dimensions


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