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China's tap water return pollution incident in recent years

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China's tap water return pollution incident in recent years

InDecember2003,Shenyangceramicsmanufacturersfellbackpollutionaccidents,andmorethan1,000householdswereaffected,causingdiarrheaandvomiting.From"NortheastNewsNetwork" InFebruary2004,abackflowpollutionacc
In December 2003, Shenyang ceramics manufacturers fell back pollution accidents, and more than 1,000 households were affected, causing diarrhea and vomiting. From "Northeast News Network"
In February 2004, a backflow pollution accident occurred in the 18th Yeast dormitory area in Shapingba District, Chongqing, causing symptoms of poisoning in 23 people. Excerpt from "Xinhuanet"
In September 2005, the sewage backflow accident in Xiangfang Street in Harbin, affected more than 3,000 households, caused by pollution of secondary water supply equipment such as water tanks. Excerpt from New Evening News
In September 2005, a sewage backflow accident occurred in a university in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. 16 students were seriously diarrhea and 5 were trained. From "Medical Source World"
In January 2006, the sewage backflow accident occurred in Mulan Community, Rucheng County, Henan Province, and more than 100 households were injured. The manure sewage was returned to the water pipe. From the Beijing-Guangzhou Evening News
In May 2006, there was a running water backflow accident in Xinmin Street, Hexi District, Sanya, Hainan. Excerpted from Sanya Morning News
In March 2007, the long-term pollution reversal of the tap water pipeline in Changxing Street, Xuanhe Town, Ningxia, Ningxia, affected more than 100 households. From "Zhongwei Daily"
In May 2007, the rupture of the tap water pipe of Pingyun 2 Road in Yichang City, northern Hebei Province caused the backflow of the gully to fall back. More than 200 households were affected, and all of them suffered from diarrhea and vomiting. Excerpted from The Three Gorges Evening News
In March 2008, Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City was contaminated with nitrite due to low water wells, causing 22 people to suffer from pain and vomiting. From Southern Metropolis Daily
In Bayi Village, Chunjiang Street, Zhejiang Province, when the sewage sludge was dehydrated by tap water, the sewage pipe suddenly blocked and the sewage returned, causing more than 1,500 residents in the village to drink water.
A household in No. 4, Epidemic Prevention Road, Zhengzhou City, placed a large amount of toilet cleaner in the toilet tank. The color of the tap water was yellowish green due to the “siphon phenomenon”.